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Personalised HTML email designs

Cost effective communications

Delivering regular email updates to your customers and clients is a great way to keep them up-to-date of your business activities, feature events and promote your products and services. There are many cost effective email communication applications available today that enable businesses to build better relationships with their customers and stakeholders through customised and personalised email campaigns.

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Grow your customer base

Nearly all of these email delivery applications can be integrated into your existing website or social media pages, enabling you to organically grow your customer base. Here, you can quickly and easily organise your email marketing contact data and build segments based on custom criteria. After each email newsletter campaign, you can access a detailed set of real-time reports to track which customers opened it, shared it, clicked through to your website, and much more...

Getting you Started

Setting up an online customer or contact list may seem daunting. I can help by identifying the most appropriate and cost effective email marketing application to suit your communication objectives, and how it can be integrated into your existing website or social media pages - which will enable you to begin capturing e-newsletter subscribers. Once this has been established, I can create pre-design HTML templates that incorporate your brand and corporate look and feel that will enable you to deliver personalised email updates to your customers in the future.